The Traffic Records Reports section is a compilation of data based on the traffic crashes submitted by state, sheriff and local police agencies. You can find a wide variety of information and statistics about all things traffic-related, such as the types of vehicles involved in crashes, whether seatbelts were used, and the amount of crashes where alcohol was a factor. The records were received from police agencies by paper and other electronic means previous to the implementation of the LACRASH system.

Data on this site has been archived for research purposes only.
For current information, please refer to HSRG Data Reports.

This web site is exempt from discovery or admission under 23 U.S.C. 409.
Contact the LADOTD Traffic Safety Office at (225) 379-1929 before releasing any information.
Crash Reports

These reports deal specifically with non-commercial vehicular accidents in Louisiana. You can view topics on as to where, how, when, what happened, and more in all traffic accidents for a specific year. The trends section (Section A) will also allow you to observe the statistics for the past ten years at once, allowing you to make inferences of your own.
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Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

Commercial Motor Vehicle crashes are of particular interest to many law enforcement agencies around the state. You can view topics on as to the location of, time of, violations in, manner of collision of, road conditions in, highway type of, interstate corridors of, hazardous materials involved in, and construction zones involved in these particular types of vehicular accidents for a specific year. You may also view cumulative graph summaries for all/fatal accidents per given interstate.
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DWI Test

View specialized reports on DWI arrests reported to COBRA.

(Computerized Online BReath Archiving System)

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